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Taking care of your business for over 50 years.


  • Welcome to SJ Allen

    SJ Allen ltd has been providing effluent solutions across South Canterbury for more than 50 yours and has a range of services to meet all rural, farming, domestic, contracting and council requirements.

    The Timaru-based business was purchased by Gavin Ladbrook in 1993 with two 7000 litre vacuum trucks and one water blaster. Over the years the business has grown to plus vehicles including 15 vacuum trucks ranging from 5000 to 15000 litres, 9 water blasters, two CCTV units, 3 water cars and various other specialised units.

    “Don’t leave any of those valuable nutrients in the bottom of your effluent ponds,” NOW is the time to turn muck into money.

    It is the ideal time to get those effluent ponds cleaned out, and get the water and those nutrients onto the land while the ground is still warm.

    SJ Allen Ltd, of Timaru, has the ideal equipment for the job and we offers 7 days a week, 24 hour service.


    The company is eager to assist, and with its new stirrer will turn that crusted and grass-encased effluent pond into slurry which their vacuum trucks can then spread on to paddocks.

  • SJ Allen Service Range

    EFFLUENT ponds are a vital part of dairy farming. But they're no use when they're overflowing.

    To keep yours in top working order, call SJ Allen Ltd. The business that have been emptying ponds for 20 years and have a huge fleet of trucks available and can usually have the job done in a matter of days.

    The Timaru-based family owned and operated company has 21 staff and cover the area from Rakaia down to Palmerston and the Lakes District, running 15 effluent trucks & a variety of waterblasters, Hydro Excavation units, CCTV vehicles & STMS sign trucks.

    Manager Darren Ladbrook said the company takes care of all effluent matters, including providing pond stirrers, which in just a few hours operating in the pond, the stirrer will have broken up the crust and bought the solids from the bottom of the pond up to become a slurry, which can then be spread evenly onto paddocks.

    "We're very flexible with what we can do,'' he said from effluent ponds, underpasses, saucers, wedges and stone traps are just some of the many services that can be provided to the dairy industry.


    Another vital part of SJ Allen’s services are their 9 waterblaster units that are in a variety of sizes able to clean & unblock drains from 100mm to 2000mm diameter.

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