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Contracting & Council

  • Council Services

      Council Services

    A list of council services available to contract

    • Facilities operations and management
    • Waste water treatment plant operation and management
    • Waste water pump maintenance and servicing
    • Waste water pond desludging
    • Scada systems operation
  • Waste Water

      Waste Water

    SJ Allen ensures municipal sewer systems operate effectively across Council infrastructure and household wastewater. SJ Allen can transport Wastewater to the treatment facility where it flows through oxidation ponds..

    Industrial wastewater combines with the domestic effluent before being discharged 500m offshore via a submarine ocean outfall.

    Our services are available for any Council or general contracting wastewater disposal and transporting.

    Contact SJ Allen today to arrange to discuss your needs

  • Water Blasting

      Water Blasting

    SJ Allen has multiple water blasting trucks for a wide range of service provision from drain cleaning and pipe unblocking to dairy shed cleaning and preparing surfaces for pre-painting.

    By using vacuum trucks and water blasters, we can also clean grain silos, feed silos, molasses tanks and any other agricultural storage facilities.

    We offer varying pressures and volumes from 1300psi to 3000psi. Our water blasters are capable of pumping up to 280 litres of water a minute! SJ Allen Water Blasting are equipped with various size nozzles to cope with a wide variety of applications, including:

    SJ Allen’s Council/Contract Water Blasting service consists of Fence, Pathway, Driveway, Cobblestone, Building Wall and Roof blasting.

    General Applications

    • Clearing blocked drains
    • Root Cutting
    • Toilet or Septic Tank blockage
    • Storm Water Blockage
    • Pre painting/pre work for buildings, fences and roofs
    • Clearing of blocked pipes
    • Cleaning of sewer and stormwater pipes
    • Clearing of road culverts
    • Long Bore Cleaning

    Construction Industries

    • Exposing concrete aggregate on walls, patios, paths, etc
    • Cleaning construction equipment, especially hardened concrete, tar, etc
    • Cleaning building exteriors and roofs of dirt, old paint, moss, etc
    • Cleaning of concrete or metal bridges
    • Cleaning of bridge and other construction expansion joints

    Commercial Applications

    • De-scaling of boiler tubes and heat exchanges both internally and externally
    • The removal of waste or spillage from machinery, gratings or walls
    • Vacu-jet for removal of sludge, silt, sand, etc

    Contact SJ Allen today to discuss all Council and general contracting requierments.

  • CCTV

      Contracting & Council CCTV

    SJ Allen's CCTV service films municipality sewer pipes and storm water drains with closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV). These show clearly root masses, flaws in joints, shingle build-up and pest animals.

    Our CCTV units use the latest technology of pan and tilt self-propelled tractor cameras. Plus they have state-of-the-art win cam systems for data recording and reporting, which means we can fire electronic and hard copy imaging to you at the touch of a button.

    Once CCTV has identified the problem, SJ Allen's enormously powerful water blasters will deal to it. Nothing cleans like H20 at 3,000 plus psi. Water at this pressure can cut through timber like a saw, obliterate tree roots, remove thick accumulations of paint and take barnacles off the hulls of ships.

    Used in conjunction with water blasting, CCTV from SJ Allen is an effective and efficient maintenance tool for underground services.

    When developing a subdivision, Councils require SJ Allen’s film inspection of new assets prior to amalgamating council service infrastructure. Councils also use CCTV as an asset management tool giving them a better picture of the condition of underground services such as stormwater & sewer as well as line bore inspection without costly excavations.

    • Inspection of new lay subdivision prior to connection of council services
    • All inspections are carried out by qualified staff to meet NZ Pipe Manual 3rd Edition
    • Inspection and reporting of existing condition of assets
    • Developting mantenance schedules for the maintenance of council assets
    • Identitying blockages and defects in sewer/stormwater drains
  • Plumbing & Drainlaying

      Plumbing & Drainlaying

    SJ Allen provide a fully comprehensive plumbing & drainlaying service to Councils. Our fully qualified plumbers deliver workmanship and customer service 2nd to none. If Council require a trusted plumbing professionas don’t hesitate to contact SJ Allen today for a consultation

    SJ Allen provides a comprehensive range of commercial and construction services.

    • Drain laying
    • General plumbing
    • Grease trap installation (supply and installation)
    • Interceptors and general yard sumps (supply and installation) 

    No job too big or small, SJ Allen is a reliable option for Council contracting.

  • Portable Amenity Units

      Portable Amenity Units

    SJ Allen Limited provide a high quality range of portable amenity units for Council.

    With uses ranging from admin/site offices, break/lunch rooms, cleaning facilities, storage solutions and more, our portable portable amenity units are well designed with simple delivery and installation options.

    A perfect option for either short or long term use, SJ Allen Limited offers an affordable and reliable option to meet Council requirements and specific usage.

    Currently available :

    • Smoko units
    • Ladies & Mens toilet units
    • Portable toilet
    • Water tank units

    We are happy to discuss all or any requirements you may have. Units are stackable if required and in accordance to site conformation.

    We provide a range of accessories that ensure your portable building solution exceeds your expectations and consist of but not limited to the following:

    • Jug
    • Cups - Coffee/Sugar/Tea
    • Cleaning products
    • Toilet paper
    • Hand soap
    • Hand towels
    • Pin board
    • Whiteboard
    • Computer desk
    • power supply
    • Water Connection
    • Self-contained waste holding tank
    • Seats
    • Refrigerator

    Units can be built to almost any specification required, depending on time-frame of delivery. We are happy to discuss all or any requirements you may have. Units are stackable if required and in accordance to site conformation.

    Call SJ Allen today for a consultation.

  • Waste Oil Recovery

      Waste Oil Recovery


    SJ Allen is the only licensed site in South Canterbury to carry out this process. We have a fully equipped tank farm for storage, dewatering and desludging processing.

    SJ Allen is able to collect from site a range of capacity holdings between 200 litre containers (44 gallon drums) to Bulk Tanks

    SJ Allen also conduct oil recovery and boat bilge disposal, processing, accidental spills in transport or dairy operations and more.

    For more information call SJ Allen today.

  • Spill / Emergency Spill Response

      Spill / Emergency Spill Response

    SJ Allen can provides rapid response to pollution discharges of environmentally hazardous substances to protect people, property, and the environment.

    We operate a 24 hours 365 days of the year on call service to meet any emergency needs - Call 0800 155 669

    Our experienced consultants and technicians have the qualification, experience and equipment necessary to rectify Council emergencies and limit potential loss/liability.


    • Site safety assessment
    • Spill containment and clean-up
    • Disposal of contamination
    • Liaison with regional and other relevant authorities
    • Site re-mediation and monitoring
    • Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEF) report
  • Traffic Management

      Traffic Management

    Council Traffic Management Solutions

    Driving better solutions for traffic management

    SJ Allen provides high quality temporary traffic management solutions to all Council requierment. These services provide temporary traffic control on low, medium and high volume roads, as well as a comprehensive range of traffic management planning services.

    Our employees are New Zealand Transport Agency qualified and warranted Site Traffic Management Supervisors (STMS) and traffic controllers (TC). They understand the traffic control requirements for working on the road and are able to meet your needs on a case-by-case basis.

    All our vehicles carry an extensive range of signboards, signage, cones and barriers to ensure that all requirements are met.

    For more info, call SJ Allen today.

  • Qualified Staff Hire

      Qualified Staff Hire

    Industry Qualified Council Staff Hire:

    Confined Spaces

    SJ Allen have a team of Confined Space industry qualified staff on call for all Council Contracting requirements.

    SJ Allen operates within regulatory guidelines including the following:

    • Securing a safe atmosphere
    • Risk Assessment
    • Legal Responsibilities
    • Permits
    • Functional respiration
    • Atmospheric testing
    • Standby person and rescue considerations
    • Hazard management
    • Preventative Measures


    Working at Heights

    Industry Qualified Staff - Working At Heights

    Preventing falls from, or injuries and damage attributed to height is a priority for anyone requiring service at heights. There are many risks associated with working at heights and it is mandatory for any operations to be actively managed according industry regulations to avoid harm.

    SJ Allen have a team of ‘Working at Heights’ industry qualified staff to operate within safety guidelines and to regulation, including the following:  

    • Safety & Risk Assessments
    • Legal Responsibilities
    • Relevant Permits
    • Tools, Ropes, Scaffoldings, ladders, harness etc checked & maintained according to compliance
    • Foundation Testing
    • Rescue considerations
    • Hazard management
    • Preventative Measures

    Call SJ Allen now to arrange a quote or onsite consultation

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