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  • Septic Tanks

      Septic Tanks

    A professional clean and desludging by SJ Allen, approximately every three years will keep your Septic tank well maintained and in good pumpable condition.

    SJ Allen has years of experience in cleaning out septic tanks. We clean, empty, desludge and treat septic blockages. Plus, we have specialists that look after modern Septic systems that need regular maintenance between emptying with regards to filter and aeration pumps etc.

    Once you're on our database, you can be assured of never missing regular maintenance and servicing of your septic system, you can also be assured of a clean service from start to finish as our vehicles are modern, hygienic and well maintained.

    Call now for your free, no obligation quote on cleaning and emptying your Septic Tank.

  • CCTV

      Farming CCTV

    SJ Allen Rural  CCTV observation for all plumbing, irrigation lines and shed drainage surveys.

    Our comprehensive CCTV drain reports enable you to see the inside of your drains for yourself.Our surveys are presented in simple formats allowing you to see inside your drains to determine standard, quality and functionality.

    • Identify blocked dairy shed drains
    • Identify irrigation mains lines
  • Water Blasting

      Water Blasting

    On Farm Water Blasting:

    SJ Allen has multiple water blasting trucks for a wide range of service provision from drain cleaning and pipe unblocking to dairy shed cleaning and preparing surfaces for pre-painting.

    By using vacuum trucks and water blasters, we can also clean grain silos, feed silos, molasses tanks and any other agricultural storage facilities.

    We offer varying pressures and volumes from 1300psi to 3000psi. Our water blasters are capable of pumping up to 280 litres of water a minute! SJ Allen Water Blasting are equipped with various size nozzles to cope with a wide variety of applications, including:

    SJ Allen’s Rural Water Blasting service consists of the following:

    • Clearing blocked Culverts
    • Clearing blocked drains
    • Cow shed cleaning
    • Removal of silt from yards and platform drains.
    • Irrigation pipe cleaning
    • Root Cutting - don't dig, try us firs.
    • Toilet or Septic Tank blockage
    • Storm Water Blockage
    • Silo cleaning
    • Pre painting/pre work for buildings, fences and roofs
    • Clearing of blocked pipes
    • Cleaning of sewer and stormwater pipes
    • Clearing of road culverts
  • Silo Cleaning

      Silo Cleaning

    SJ Allen provide a fully comprehensive Silo clean and inspection service. Our safety equipment often includes gas detection devices and breathing apparatus. Cleaning may consist of the following procedures.

    • Cleaning of concrete silos dust and residue
    • Speciality grain silo and bin cleaning
    • Flour silo cleaning and descaling
    • Pet food (broll) silo descaling
    • Water tank entries

    For a Silo clean or inspection, call SJ Allen today

  • Waste Oil Removal

      Waste Oil Removal


    SJ Allen is the only licensed site in South Canterbury to carry out this process. We have a fully equipped tank farm for storage, dewatering and desludging processing.

    SJ Allen is able to collect from site a range of capacity holdings between 200 litre containers (44 gallon drums) to Bulk Tanks, Effective waste oil removal minimises spill risk and liability while ensuring environmental safety.

    • Only licensed site to process
  • Plumbing & Drainlaying

      Plumbing & Drainlaying

    On Farm Plumbing & Drainage:

    Need a plumber?

    SJ Allen now provide a fully comprehensive plumbing & drainlaying service! Our experienced plumbers deliver workmanship and customer service 2nd to none. If you need a trusted, qualified plumbing professional then don’t hesitate to contact SJ Allen today for a free quote.

    Residential Services

    From emergencies to simple maintenance, we provide a full range of services:

    • Drainage
    • Fire Installs
    • Tap washers
    • Pre purchase Inspections
    • Leaking valves
    • Leaking hot water cylinders
    • Kitchen alterations and installations
    • Bathroom alterations and installations
    • Plumbing on new housing including underfloor heating
    • Heating System installation
    • Roof leaks and minor repairs
    • Central heating radiator systems
    • Spouting, downpipe, and gutter maintenance
    • Unblocking toilets and drainpipes


  • Above Ground Waste

      Above Ground Waste

    Above Ground Effluent Tanks

    SJ Allen installs Above Ground Effluent Tanks all year round. Our Above Ground Effluent tanks minimise costs associated with earthworks and provide an effective solution for increasing management flexibility.

    SJ Allen install high quality engineered, Above Ground Effluent Tanks to suit your need.

    We also offer professional advice, maintenance and support all year round to ensure peace of mind while protecting the environment.

  • Effluent Pond Stirring

      Effluent Pond Stirring

    SJ Allen Ltd has an effluent pond stirrer which will turn that crusted and grass-encased effluent pond into slurry which their vacuum trucks can then spread onto paddocks.

    Their effluent pond stirrer can be driven by any tractor with 40+ hp capability via a three point linkage PTO system.

    Whether you pump from a pond or a tank it is essential that you stir with an SJ Allen Pond Stirrer before and during pumping to ensure that solids containing high levels of nutrient value like nitrogen and potassium are pumped out rather than stagnating at the bottom of the pond/tank producing sludge.

    Stirring puts the effluent into suspense and allows for an even spread of nutrients onto the pasture when pumping. Unmixed effluent can cause some paddocks to be overloaded with black rich effluent, with others only receiving an application of dirty water. Stirring ensures reusable fertilising commodities while maintaining the most holding capacity available.

    SJ Allen has effective and reputable stirring options available

    Call today for a free quote and consultation.

  • Saucers


    Whatever a dairy farmer decides to do, it is vital they gets an SJ Allen effluent system expert in to discuss your options.

    Concerning Saucers, no longer will the local builder or contractor build because of strict compliance standards. Effluent management in general such as plants pumps, ponds, system layouts, electricity and gravity, all need to be taken into very serious account when designing or redesigning a modern effluent system. Gets it wrong it can really cost you. Not to mention visits from compliance officers.

    SJ Allen Saucer solutions are designed to circulate the effluent as it fills and empties so nothing builds up on the surface or bottom. Because the effluent movement is maintained, it keeps solids suspended as you pump out the liquid.

    Contact SJ Allen today to discuss your options and organise a free quote

  • Wedges


    The sand traps/slurry Wedge is an essential component of an effluent management system. The trap allows stones and other solids to settle prior to entering the effluent tank or pond. This prevents blockages and damage to pumps and helps prevent sludge buildup, reducing cleaning requirements.

    SJ Allen provides reliable Wedge servicing and instalation options.

  • Underpasses


    SJ Allen cleans stock underpasses for easier stock movement and improve overall stock health.


  • Farm Waste

      Farm Waste


    SJ Allen specialises in Farm waste solutions, From farm effluent sumps and dairy pond recycling to waste oil, septic tank, holding tank, processing and storage tank waste recycling. We can take your waste away or turn it into liquid fertilizer to spread on your land.

    Effluent disposal is a valuable fertilizer and as this resource has already been paid for in your feed budget, it is wise to manage effluent in the most cost effective manner possible. SJ Allen can help. We can keep your wedge clean and well maintained so the slurry is more easily spread on paddocks and more readily absorbed into the root system. This means less withholding time for stock rotations.

    If paddocks become too wet or too scarce for effluent spreading, SJ Allen can also dispose of this waste off site.

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