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Commercial & Industrial
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Commercial & Industrial

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Contracting & Council
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Contracting & Council

  •     CCTV
    General Services

    CCTV - Leaves blockages nowhere to hide

    A large part of SJ Allen's business is filming sewer pipes and storm water drains with closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV). These clearly show root masses, flaws in joints, shingle build-up and even rats!

    SJ Allen conduct Domestic CCTV operations for full drainage home surveys.

    Whether you’re buying a new home and want peace of mind or need to pin point a drainage issue, we can provide a full CCTV drain report.

    See the inside of your drains for yourself. We present footage to you in simple formats. Our inspections allow you to see inside your drains and determine standard, quality and functionality.

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  •     Traffic Management
    General Services

    Traffic Management Solutions

    Driving better solutions for traffic management SJ Allen provides high quality temporary traffic management solutions to the roading and civil construction industries. These services provide temporary traffic control on low, medium and high volume roads, as well as a comprehensive range of traffic management planning services.

    Our employees are New Zealand Transport Agency qualified and warranted Site Traffic Management Supervisors (STMS) and traffic controllers (TC). They understand the traffic control requirements for working on the road and are able to meet your needs on a case-by-case basis.

    All our vehicles carry an extensive range of signboards, signage, cones and barriers to ensure that all requirements are met.

  •     Hydro Excavation
    General Services

    Hydro Excavation A NEW WAVE IN EXCAVATION

    Hydro excavation uses high-pressure water instead of manual chipping. It is more precise than standard excavator operation and faster than hand digging. The grace of excavation, hydro excavators: Will not damage tree roots – ideal in urban environments Reduce risk of services strike – has been made mandatory in overseas cities (e.g. Brisbane following a three-day power outage) Powerful vacuums then remove the excavated clay and soil, gravels, base course, and rocks (ranging to the size of a fist). With hydro excavation, excavation risks are literally ‘washed away’.

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  •     Grease Traps
    General Services

    Grease Trap Solutions

    SJ Allen specialises in design, manufacturing and distribution of grease traps and oil separators. Our products meet New Zealand standards and comply wastewater regulations.

    We are South Canterbury's No1 Grease Trap solution and provide a wide range of waste water treatment systems.

    We offers a fully dedicated backup service and installation consultancy.

  •     Septic tanks / Holding tanks
    General Services

    Septic Tanks

    Don't let your tank turn septic Your septic tank is a storage chamber that will eventually become full. Unless it is cleaned out regularly, your septic tank will not function properly. Over time, a poorly maintained septic tank can become a serious health hazard, spreading disease and contaminating water.

    A professional clean and desludging by SJ Allen, approximately every three years will keep your Septic tank well maintained and in good pumpable condition.

    SJ Allen has years of experience in cleaning out septic tanks. We clean, empty, desludge and treat septic blockages. Plus, we have specialists that look after modern Septic systems that need regular maintenance between emptying with regards to filter and aeration pumps etc.

    Once you're on our database, you can be assured of never missing regular maintenance and servicing of your septic system, you can also be assured of a clean service from start to finish as our vehicles are modern, hygienic and well maintained.

    Call now for your free, no obligation quote on cleaning and emptying your Septic Tank.

  •     Farm waste management
    General Services


    Regarding sump, wedge, saucer and weeping wall, as well as effluent ponds, tank and underpass cleaning, SJ-Allen is fully equipped to service the dairy industry. We also operate a high pressure water blasting service suitable for cleaning dairy sheds inside and out. Plus drain & pipe cleaning and unblocking capable of breaking up and removing the most stubborn obstructions.

    SJ Allen has a Vacujet cleaning system capable of sucking out solids and mixing with water, enabling the product to be easily distributed onto land as fertiliser, We operate in South Carterbury, Mid Canterbury, MacKenzie Basin and also have a sub business in Qamaru called North Otago Waste that operates between Waitaki & Waikouaiti.

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  •     Water tank cleaning
    General Services

    Water tank cleaning

    Water Tank Cleaning Do you have your own private water supply? A rainwater tank connected to your roof or a tank connected to a nearby stream, bore or well. It is essential to have your Water Tanks cleaned out on a regular basis.

    Sludge and contaminants build up in the bottom of the tank from debris entering the system generally through the roof and guttering. This sludge can contain harmful bacteria and can pose a significant health risk.

    Regular maintenance helps avoid costly blockages of pipes and pump systems and helps ensure the purity of your drinking water supply. SJ Allen Water Tank Cleaning encourages regular check ups and annual tank cleaning. Safe water is an absolute necessity you and your loved ones. Our specialist equipment efficiently removes sludge and contaminants from your tank. To arrange a Tank Cleaning consultation, don’t hesitate to call or email today.

  •     Spill response emergency
    General Services


    SJ Allen can provides rapid response to pollution discharges of environmentally hazardous substances to protect people, property, and the environment. We operate a 24 hours 365 days of the year on call service to meet any emergency needs - Call 0800 155 669 Our experienced consultants and technicians have the skills and equipment necessary to get you back to work quickly and safely and limit potential liability.

    OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: Site safety assessment Spill containment and clean-up Disposal of contamination Liaison with regional and other relevant authorities Site re-mediation and monitoring Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEF) report...

  •     Water blasting
    General Services

    Water blasting

    Water Blasting SJ Allen has multiple water blasting trucks for a wide range of service provision from drain cleaning and pipe unblocking to dairy shed cleaning and preparing surfaces for pre-painting. By using vacuum trucks and water blasters, we can also clean grain silos, feed silos, molasses tanks and any other agricultural storage facilities. We offer varying pressures and volumes from 1300psi to 3000psi.

    Our water blasters are capable of pumping up to 280 litres of water a minute! SJ Allen Water Blasting are equipped with various size nozzles to cope with a wide variety of applications, including: Blocked Culverts Blocked drains Cow shed cleaning Removal of silt from yards and platform drains. Irrigation pipes Root Cutting - don't dig, try us firs. Toilet or Septic Tank blockage Storm Water Blockage Silo cleaning Pre painting/pre work for buildings, fences and roofs...

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  •     Water carts
    General Services

    Water carts

    Water Carts SJ Allen has a wealth of water cartage and delivery experience, and provides a comprehensive service to anyone requiring water cart services.

    We deliver water wherever it is needed and ensure maximum efficiency through leading edge delivery technology. From council construction and road maintenance, dust suppression, tank filling and water collection, SJ Allen’s pristine fleet of vehicles and qualified operatives are ready to assist.

  •     Portable Bathroom Container
    General Services

    Portable Bathroom Container

    Portable Amenity Units SJ Allen Limited provide a high quality range of portable amenity units. With uses ranging from admin/site offices, break/lunch rooms, cleaning facilities, storage solutions and more, our portable portable amenity units are well designed with simple delivery and installation options.

    A perfect option for either short or long term use, SJ Allen Limited offers an affordable and reliable option to suit your requirements and specific usage. We are proud to provided solutions to our customer base and whether you are large, small, private, commercial or public, we are your portable amenity units specialists. We provide a range of accessories that ensure your portable building solution exceeds your expectations and consist of but not limited to the following.. Jug Cups - Coffee/Sugar/Tea Cleaning products Toilet paper Hand soap Hand towels Pin board Whiteboard Computer desk power supply Water Connection Self-contained waste holding tank Seats Refrigerator Units can be built to almost any specification required, depending on time-frame of delivery. We are happy to discuss all or any requirements you may have. Units are stackable if required and in accordance to site conformation.

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  •     Plumbing
    General Services

    Need a plumber?

    SJ Allen now provide a fully comprehensive plumbing & drainlaying service! Our experienced plumbers deliver workmanship and customer service 2nd to none. If you need a trusted, qualified plumbing professional then don’t hesitate to contact SJ Allen today for a free quote.

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  •     Waste oil recovery
    General Services


    SJ Allen is the only licensed site in South Canterbury to carry out this process. We have a fully equipped tank farm for storage, dewatering and desludging processing.

    SJ Allen is able to collect from site a range of capacity holdings between 200 litre containers (44 gallon drums) to Bulk Tanks, Boat Bilge Removal SJ Allen provided a service of oil recovery and boat bilge disposal and processing, accidental spills in transport or dairy operations.

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